In 2004, I decided to enter the world of self-employment and over the next 13 years would go on a roller coaster journey with the many highs and lows of running a printing company. 

From bringing investors on board, sourcing the right kit, finding premises, the challenges of managing staff, franchising to have 12 UK locations, bad debts, making good and bad financial decisions, and landing big blue chip clients, I bought the T-Shirt as they say. 

There were some really tough times along the way but I wouldn't change a thing as it has brought me to be doing what I do today, a job role I truly love and one I know is making a real difference to print business owners around the world.

Because I work with so many print companies, I get to see what works, what doesn't. I can help people get to where they want to be quicker and hopefully stop them from making some of the mistake I did along the way.  

Sam Morgan

Working with Colin over the past few months has not only had an impact on our business but on how we view ourselves personally. He builds confidence through coaching, which in turn has a positive impact on the business decisions we make. His in depth knowledge of the print industry is key to the support he provides. The wealth of experience he brings, owning and running his own business, working within the sector and facing challenges is inspiring. Everyone needs a Colin!

Tom Burnham

I've been working with Colin for nearly a year now and he's a top class coach. His knowledge of the print industry is incredible and he's helped me build some valuable connections. I find Colin really approachable and friendly - he regularly checks in with me outside the coaching sessions and I genuinely believe that he cares about my business and helping us grow and improve. I'm really looking forward to working with Colin in 2024!


In 2022, I embarked on a transformative journey with The Business Coaching Academy, culminating in my full certification as a corporate coach with the prestigious Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. This achievement not only marked a significant milestone in my professional career but also uniquely positioned me as one of the few coaches globally specialising in the print industry.

This unique combination of industry-specific expertise and top-tier coaching skills equips me to help printing industry professionals in ways that others cannot. Whether it's navigating through complex business challenges, leveraging new market opportunities, or driving sustainable growth, my coaching approach is designed to deliver tangible results. The focus is not just on short-term problem-solving but on fostering long-term strategic thinking and resilience in the face of a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

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Sarah Smith

Running any business can be a lonely old place, however, the support of talking and listening to Colin with his experience and knowledge helped me navigate some difficult issues I was having in my print business, ... I found after a 2.5 hour session the answers came naturally to me over the conversation between us both.

Thank you Colin for your continued support and I will be back in the new year for more coaching...

Gavin De Boos

When we first sought a business coach, we were specifically looking for someone who could enhance our marketing strategies and instil a greater sense of accountability within our team. Colin exceeded these expectations by leaps and bounds.

His vast knowledge of the Print Industry, combined with an intuitive understanding of our business, resulted in a tailored strategy that has significantly boosted our visibility, brand awareness and engagement rates.